Emerald Moon Base - http://moonbase.kaziq.net
Site with my programs for Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 games. These programs are able to edit various parts of the game, such as: subtitles, font, rooms (and whole islands from LBA 1). In addition, there are translations of LBA 1 i 2 made by me on the site, with which anyone can have Polish subtitles in the games.
LBA File Information - http://lbafileinfo.kaziq.net
LBA 1 and 2 file information database project, for those who want to make modifications to the games. The database is not complete yet, but everyone can add information he have found. The site has been made in coopereation with ChaosFish.
Photo lens symbols - http://kaziq.net/foto/obiektywy.htm
(Not updated for a long time) Table of various strange symbols on 35mm SLR camera lenses used by various manufacturers. Are you curious of what "Nikkor 18-70 AF-S DX" means? You can learn that from this page.
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